Hey you. Yes, I mean you.

Aren’t you tired of living with aches and pains and tension? Aren’t you tired of worry and stress and depression, like some background static in your mind that never goes away? Aren’t you tired of settling for less than what you want, in your career, your relationships, your everyday life? Do you want to feel alive again?

Well, this is your wake up call.

You can be healthy and happy and successful, and live the life you really want. And it can start right now, today!

No matter who you are, or where you’re from, you are a divine being—a child of the universe, an infinite Spirit, with unlimited potential to create and shape reality in any way you can imagine. No matter what it is you seem to lack, or what you think you want, deep down what you really long for is to remember who you are—to re-connect with your inner power, your infinite Source.

Here at Transcendence Wellness Center, we believe in wellness through awareness. We have seen that a conscious awareness of our own true nature, as divine spiritual beings, has the potential to transform any experience in our lives.

Are you facing an illness or other health challenge? This is your body’s way of calling you to realize your oneness with the universal flow of life and energy, to realize your eternal wholeness and perfection.

Are you struggling financially? This is an outer reflection of your state of mind. By letting go of deeply held beliefs in lack and “not enough,” you can shift your consciousness and experience the field of infinite possibilities—the constant, unceasing flow of energy, ideas and income that frees you to live the life you dream of.

Perhaps you are lonely, or your relationship is falling apart? Look inside yourself and discover the pure and perfect Love that you are—the Love that made the universe, that sustains all creation, that weaves all things together as One.

Every challenge in your life is really an invitation to awaken from the dream of who you think you are—separate, alone, and struggling to survive—to the unspeakably beautiful truth of what you really are.

This is your wake up call. This is your invitation to a life of wholeness, freedom and fulfillment.

Are you ready to accept?