What is Second Sunday?

Second Sunday is a free, live channeled event hosted the second Sunday of every month.  Each month, Jessica shares channeled information with those in attendance both online and in person.  She shares information that we, as a collective, need to hear and she channels answers to any questions that those in attendance may wish to ask.  This is a recorded event that is broadcast across the planet via Facebook Live and later uploaded to Jessica’s two YouTube channels, Transcendence Wellness Center and Jessica Alstrom, for online viewing.  This is a FREE event and it is intended to help spread awareness to the planet, shining light on our darkness, so that we might help ourselves and our planet to evolve into a place of happiness and peace.

What is a Channel?

A channel is someone that works in cooperation with spirit in order to communicate a specific message.  There are two types of spiritual channels:

  • Trance Channel – Channeling done while in a deep trance state.  This means that the channel loses all muscle tone and power over their physical body.  Spirit moves the body of its own accord and speaks the words they wish to share, all while temporarily using the channel’s body.  Afterwards, the human channel is typically unable to remember what they did or said while in their deep trance state.
  • Conscious Channel This type of channeling is done while being fully aware of what is happening, including being able to stop the experience at any time.  The channeler can remember what was said to varying degrees.  Often conscious channels will say that they hear themselves speaking as if they were at a distance . . . as if they were listening from another room.  When told about what was said, they often feel as if they are remembering a dream.  Jessica Alstrom is a conscious channel.  She channels her higher self and shares a big picture view of what to expect in the coming month, the type of energy currently on the planet, how it will affect our lives and the lives of those around us and she shares insight into how to address and deal with any of these things, should they become part of our experience.

What to Expect…

  • This is a FREE event.
  • Attendance in person is by invite only.
  • The event is casual, so anyone attending in person need not worry about dressing up if it makes them uncomfortable.  Of course, if you’re viewing the event via Facebook Live or via one of our YouTube channels, no one will ever know if you watch in your PJs! 🙂
  • Typically, one of Jessica’s A-team members will lead everyone in a brief grounding meditation to help facilitate an elevated collective energy during the event.
  • There may be a short musical or literary sharing by members of the community.
  • Once that concludes, Jessica will take the stage and begin to share her channeled message with the group.
  • At the close of her message, she will open up the floor for a question and answer session.  All questions are welcomed.  No question is too silly.  Everyone benefits from what you may consider to be one of the simplest questions, so please, ask away!  Jessica loves to answer your questions!

We hope you will join us!  

Catch a Sneak Peek Below…