Hi there!

After years of being a one-on-one quantum life coach and group spiritual teacher, I’ve recently been experiencing the desire within me to reach out and communicate with more people from around the globe and to make my teachings available at a more accessible price.

We are all in different places on our spiritual journey.  Some of us are ready to dive in and take a year long class, others are ready for a weekend workshop, while still others prefer a one-on-one session with a life coach.  All of this is perfection and is exactly what is needed at this moment in time.  Because I believe so deeply in the work that I’ve been called to do and truly wish to engage and assist as many as I can as they traverse their spiritual journey, I’ve decided to offer another avenue for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the world.  So I’ve started a very affordable subscriber only Facebook group in which you can access my teachings and interact with me regularly via video conference and chat forums.

  • You will have access to my team of Quantum Coaches and be able to jump in on Facebook Live group sessions, as well as partake in other services.  Check out my ever-expanding team of coaches here.
  • You will be eligible for special offers, such as discounted and personalized copies of my upcoming book, which will guide you through the 7 Steps of Manifestation that I have used to craft my own blissful Quantum Life.
  • You will qualify for exclusive access to some of my most personal guidance on how to create your very own Quantum Life.  I did it the ‘hard way’ so you don’t have to!
  • You will have access to my Live Thursday night TICA Light Coaching class each week!
  • You will also become part of my growing international network of other like-minded individuals. My Transcendence International Consciousness Academy (TICA) has birthed many wonderful relationships and collaborations from all across the globe.
  • Additionally, you will have access to my Quantum Life Community Facebook group and my Quantum Life Tribe Facebook group pages where you will be able to interact with other students and followers!

Subscribe today at the introductory offer rate of $22.00/month.  This price is limited to the first 250 subscribers and once these first 250 slots are filled, the price goes up immediately.  Send us a ‘Request to Join’ here. Then click here to become a subscriber!

Additionally, an introductory lifetime membership is also available for a limited time for $399.97.

 Click here to access my lifetime membership!

I can’t wait to see you all there!  I’m so excited to make use of this wonderful technology that we have at our fingertips and help bridge the gap between you and who you were always meant to be!  We will chat regularly and play our way towards manifesting your desires.  You will begin living your own perfect Quantum Life!