erin-perrigo-bio-pic-2Hello and welcome! I’m so glad you are here.

I’m Erin Perrigo, and as an Empath, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Quantum Life Coach, I am here to help you create the life of your dreams. I cherish my title as coach. I am your vision-holder, seeing your higher self and mirroring it back to you until you can see and feel it on your own. I care about your health and wellness. I care about more than just your weight, food cravings and energy level, I also care about your relationships, happiness, ambitions, pleasures, purpose and spiritual growth. You might say that healing is my passion. Together, we will find the places where you are stuck on your journey and expand your idea of what is possible in your life. I will help you find your own truth and locate the love within, while helping you to find a new sense of responsibility over your reality.

As a child, I knew I wasn’t like the rest of my family or others in my life. I was told I was too sensitive and I lived in my head too much. I always felt things very deeply. I knew how other people were feeling without knowing how. Being raised in an extremely toxic home, I learned to hide my sensitivity and become what everyone else needed me to be. I learned to deny my own wants and desires, becoming a straight-A, perfectionist, people pleaser. Seeking the love and connection I didn’t get at home, I ended up in relationships and situations that didn’t allow me to be my authentic myself. My awakening began in 2012 when my father passed away 24 days after his cancer diagnosis.

Over the next few years, the universe continued to lovingly place things in my path that caused me to question everything I thought I knew to be true. My husband went through a string of job losses, we dealt with marital issues, I began to realize just how toxic my family of origin was, and my daughter got very sick. When doctors and therapists couldn’t do anything to help her except to offer her medication, my intuition told me to keep searching. I ended up diving into the study of holistic nutrition and we began working with a Naturopath. My daughter also started working with a therapist who did Neuro-feedback with her and, after many sessions, she suggested I look into energy healing. This opened the door to a whole new world for me, but one that resonated in a way that nothing had before.

Additionally, I have always known that I was meant to be a teacher in some way. From finding myself training new employees at jobs in high school and college, to becoming an elementary teacher who worked with gifted children, to my current role as a coach, I have always found joy in helping others see the highest version of themselves and giving them tools to create the life they desire. Healing has become my passion and my gift to share with the world.

My purpose is to empower my clients to heal and integrate any parts of themselves that may be keeping them from experiencing their highest potential. Besides the University of Life, my education includes a BA in Psychology and a MA in Education, both from Truman State University. I am also a Certified Health Coach and a Certified Transformational Coach through Health Coach Institute.


One Hour Session – $95

Four One Hour Sessions – $350

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