sarah-jane-bryant-bio-picHello & welcome, I’m Sarah-Jane Bryant, an Intuitive, Energy Healer & Quantum Life Coach and I’ve recently moved from Australia to the Phillippines. I am dedicated to your healing journey as much as I am my own growth and expansion and I am happy to help you in any way you need.

My awakening in 2012 was filled with many beautiful and heart breaking moments. With my thirst for knowledge, truth & understanding heightened, I found myself watching a documentary that showed a famous guru in India holding such a strong frequency of love that everyone in his presence was affected. From that moment on, that became my biggest life goal… ‘To become so much love that everyone in my path is transformed by it.’ At the time, I didn’t realize that, in order to achieve this goal, I had to become a great healer of myself – a master shadow hunter. I had to delve into the depths of my subconscious and transform all of the limiting emotions, beliefs, stories and patterns that were masking the love that I am, and we all are, inside.

Healing has become my life, my passion, my favorite obsession and my gift to share with the world. I am blessed to have incredible healing tools that allow me to provide you with powerful shifts when you feel stuck or blocked and practical tools to help you get just as deep as I have in your own wonderful healing journey. I believe that anything is possible, that life is magical and that you can have anything you desire. I am not in the business of giving advice as no one can ever know your life as completely as you do. My mission is to help you find the love and trust you have within, to help you find your own truth, to ask all the questions you need to ask yourself. To be your friend, to love and support you unconditionally as you follow the path that feels right to you. To help expand your idea of what is possible and then help you move towards achieving it. To help you find a new sense of ownership and responsibility over everything in your reality, which is the most empowering outlook I have found. In my own healing practice, I experience small but significant, often life-changing shifts almost daily. It is my goal for you to experience the same. I will share everything I learn as I continue to grow, so that you can reach the life of your dreams in the quickest & easiest ways.

My healing journey has taken me to many amazing and profound experiences so far. Through the many healing modalities I have studied, I have found myself constantly pulled towards energetic healing & anything of an emotional or mental nature. I have always seen this as the root of health, happiness and freedom. While staying with an ex-monk & medicine man in Thailand in 2013, I heard about reiki for the first time. I left days later to study reiki, my first taste of energetic healing. I was told I was a natural, witnessing many profound healings in clients from the very beginning. While studying natural medicine, I started to see anatomical visions as I experienced pain in my body. This lead me to Arizona to study medical intuition which incorporated a large dose of inner child work. I started healing myself intuitively and became familiar with clearing statements, belief work and intentions, but even then I was still on the hunt for quicker & easier healing methods for my clients. “There must be a better way!” were my exact words… Ask and it is given! Days later I was lead to some books on quantum healing. Inspired by the belief that if one person can do it so can I, I started to heal myself & others in ways that felt miraculous – transforming specific pain, beliefs and stories into love – seeing shifts instantly on the mental, emotional and physical planes with just a thought or visualization. Interested in adding quantum hypnotherapy & life coaching to my repertoire I was lead to Jessica Alstrom’s TICA program in Kansas, which incorporates these tools and so much more. It is a complete spiritual development program which has helped me to integrate all of my healing abilities into what they are today.

I currently use my intuitive healing skills to feel, understand or communicate with your body and soul in a loving way, to allow blocked energy to be released & allow transformative healing to take place. This can include any area of your life, from relationships, money, time or health, and be approached from the level of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, wounds, blocks, patterns, stories or physical symptoms. I like to start new coaching clients with an intuitive energy healing session which is a beautiful, quick & non-invasive way to find connection with the highest parts of yourself while removing many of the obstacles that are in your current awareness. To find out more about how sessions work please visit the booking page of my website here: or to book an appointment now you can use the contact details and payment links at the bottom of this page.

Individual Sessions

1x One Hour Sessions (Healing or Coaching)

$120 AUD

Healing Package Includes:

1 x One Hour Intuitive Energy Healing Session

3 x One Hour Quantum Life Coaching Sessions*

$380 AUD

*Can be substituted for Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions if needed

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars

Consultations are performed via Skype or phone, allowing us to connect no matter where you are in the world.

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