From the age of 18 and up until his mid-30’s, Jonathan enjoyed a successful and varied career primarily in the fields of Oil, Gas and Infrastructure.  He spent many years in London, where he was an eye witness to the 7/7 events in 2005.  Additionally, he spent 7 years working as a counselor, coach and spiritual teacher.  It was also during this time that Jonathan not only founded his own non-profit organization, which largely centers around supporting children and animals with need, but he also de-materialized and completely relinquished his old life story and belief patterns, opting for a completely non-profit lifestyle.

Jonathan has experienced several awakenings throughout his life and has described four in particular; the events in London in 2005 mentioned above which shifted his energy away from the structures of society and commerce, a divine experience in 2009 when he was working with London’s homeless population that completely changed the course of his life, his time in the Red Sea area during the 2011 Egyptian revolution in which events unfolded that opened up Jonathan’s awareness and understanding at a universal level and lastly, a 2013 Reiki activation in which a divine occurrence led him to de-materialize, causing him to move to Italy to build a new life with nothing but a car, a caravan, a portable gym, some basic possessions and his beloved dog, Alfie.  He lived on the land for a period of year before stepping out to create and entirely commit to a 5D non-profit lifestyle, both personally and professionally.

As a life coach, Jonathan’s approach is gently direct and he is comfortable working in any area with his clients, including but not limited to, career and family issues, emotional and mental rehabilitation, life transformation, finance, ego identification/transmutation, spiritual awakening and self-mastery.  When coaching, Jonathan has an acute skill for quickly getting to the heart of the matter and is also apt at empowering his clients to discover and awaken to their life’s purpose.

A seasoned Reiki practitioner and Reiki Master, Jonathan lives in Italy and is soon to be splitting his time between Kansas and Italy.  He dedicates his time and his talents towards anchoring a higher form of love to, what he terms as, ‘this beautiful mother earth’ by supporting and expanding upon what Jessica Alstrom of Transcendence Wellness Center and her team have already achieved with their scope of services.  Jonathan is not only a coach that has an abundance of varied life and emotional experiences, but he is also an emphatic intuitive and spiritual teacher.  Consequently, when clients work with Jonathan, they are not only going to get their individual needs addressed, but they also have a wider scope of awareness awakened from within.

Jonathan loves fun and has worked with authors guiding them through the self-publishing process and is currently finalizing several projects that will be published and printed through his non-profit foundation, one of which is his own bedtime story and another about two dogs who love to play pranks on their owner.  Jonathan is passionate about guiding children into the new paradigm and is developing an educational package which centers around play, creativity, emotional awareness and nature in order to facilitate that process.

Jonathan is also a phenomenal business coach and has generated in cost and efficiency terms over £100M in business benefits throughout the organizations he has worked with.

To schedule a session with Jonathan, please email him directly at jonathan@jessicaalstrom.com.

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