irene-hilverda-bio-picIrene Hilverda was born, raised and still lives in The Netherlands. Ever since childhood, she has known that there is more between heaven and earth than we can see, feel and hear though she she struggled to put her finger on it or put it into words. This became a common theme in her life to find out. As a child, she often escaped daily life through daydreams, which were more interesting than what she learned at school. Her spiritual journey started when she was sent to meditation class (age 15) to learn to focus on her schoolwork. While there, she met several people who spoke about new subjects she’d not heard of before which inspired her and cultivated a curiousity about this “new” world. To Irene, it felt like coming home.

Irene has many interests in what life can bring. In her spare time, she loves cooking, being creative, gardening, reading inspiring books, spending time with friends and family and travelling to beautiful destinations with her husband. She started here “career” as a teacher in handicrafts and textiles. It gave her the opportunity to speak individually to children and help them with their struggles in life. She also became a make-up artist and dreamt of becoming a esthetician one day. But her world was too small and she wanted to see more of it, so she became a flight attendant at the age of 26 and said goodbye to teaching. Irene loved the freedom that this job gave her. She flew all over the world, saw and learned a lot about different cultures. Eventually, the time changes and night-flights became too much for her to bear. So after 3 years, Irene decided to take classes to become a beautifican. She opened her parlor and enjoyed her work very much. After three years, she realized that the cause of most skin problems could be found on the inside. So she decided to follow classes, workshops and training on different subjects. Neuro Emotional Integration (NEI), Bach-flower therapy and EFT (Emotional freedom Technique) as well as Nutrition and electro acupuncture.

With so many books, training and life experience in her tool box, Irene has an accomplished practice that has been open for many years now. The Quantum Life Coach training she received from Jessica Alstrom was the finishing touch for her practice.  It not only gave her the words to teach others how life becomes feasible, but also the strength to overcome her fear to show the other “spiritual” side of her being to a wider public.

Irene looks forward to helping you find yourself, to find your joy, passion, purpose, love and peace within.

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