Gale DominguesGale Domingues is a Transcendence Wellness Center trained and certified Quantum Light Coach.  Gale assists others in rediscovering their soul’s divine plan.  Her compassion, intuition and empathic abilities combined with (TWC) techniques, allow her to empower her clients to heal and integrate any and all parts of themselves that may be keeping them from experiencing life in its fullest potential.  Gale believes that honoring the heart and the connection that is built with inner guidance is of the utmost importance.  Through her own awakening and soul lessons, she was inspired to help those who may feel stuck or lost in their own lives to connect back to their higher self.

Gale is an eager student of Quantum Physics, Metaphysics and the spirit world and always will be!  She is also educated in the healing arts including Usui Reiki and Akashic Records.  Additionally, Gale is a dedicated art facilitator to those who lack articulate use of their hands, such as adults and children with cerebral palsy.

In her work as a facilitator, Gale uses a series of techniques and cues for those who are nonverbal, enabling them to create abstract paintings and empowering them to gain perfect individual control of the art making process.  In many cases, this level of choice offered to the individual is something that can be easily overlooked on a daily basis by those around them.

It is Gale’s witness to the transformation that comes from holding space for someone and facilitating their ability to embrace themselves and express their inner world through art that has been pivotal in Gale’s life.  It has shaped who she is today and guided her on her spiritual journey.

Gale’s other long time passions in life stem from her love of nature and art including designing and metalsmithing crystal jewelry, interior design, bellydance and camping with loved ones.

As a Quantum Light Coach, Gale’s mission is to guide others to find their light within, enabling them to be a deliberate creator of their own reality.  Together, Gale and her clients are raising the vibration of the collective consciousness of our planet.

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