Ask not what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive.
Then go do it.
Because what the world needs is
people who have come alive.
~ Howard Thurman


Dear Brother and Sister Beings,

You are amazing. It’s not hype. It’s true. Perhaps you’ve forgotten, as I had. The reason I’m here is to help you remember—to help you remind yourself that you are free, that you are limitless.

As a Transcendence Light Coach, my purpose is to offer you transformative coaching. My credential is that I’ve been to hell and back, on a journey from dark to light. I am someone who, at one point, had lost all sense of his own personal value.

I have relearned self-acceptance and self-love. Daily I live self-love, knowing that I am Love, more fully. It is my mission that we each truly know our own Divine value.

On my journey into dark and back to light, I have held all manner of professions from construction worker and bartender to software developer and small business owner. I am an ex-cult-member, having been in the Heaven’s Gate cult for 18 years. I am a writer. I am an empath. I am a starseed. I am a misfit. I give you permission to be all of those and more, extraordinarily honoring your journey and who you are.

If I’m to be effective in helping you, I have to have been where you are. For you to be here reading, you likely have been on your own journey from dark to light. What I know about you is there’s magic in you—it’s in all of us. Our goal together will be to bring it out to play.

I am who I am now in self-awareness in large part because of the caliber of coaching I have received from my life coaches, in the form of reflection back to myself of who I truly am. In our life coaching sessions, my goal will be to reflect back to you your Higher Self as my coaches have done for me.

I am a transformational personal coach. If you work with me, you are asking me to coach you powerfully, to serve you in a life-changing way, from the moment we first sit down. I believe in the life-changing power of coaching because I have experienced life-changing, powerful coaching.

In an environment of safety, permission, and courage, our sessions will invoke our intuition, yours and mine, our vulnerability, and deep exploration. My questions may challenge you to be more authentically you. Our goal will be an illuminating, empowering conversation. I will be as vulnerable with you as I can be, giving you permission to be the same if you choose.

For our initial conversation we will schedule a one-hour block of time. Your first session will be free. Our conversation will follow your lead. Your answers are within you and together we will bring them to light. In that first one-hour session I will show up fully as your coach. We will discuss your “Why”—why you want my help, bringing your dreams and desires into focus. With your permission, we will deeply explore your dreams and what has been holding you back from living them.

It’s my deepest desire that in our conversations you will experience profound shifts that bring you back in touch with yourself emotionally, to re-enliven your inner compass from which you can then clearly navigate your life in the highest expression of your deepest calling.

If you receive what you want from our session and you feel complete, we need do nothing more. If you’d like to work with me longer term, we’ll discuss what that will look like. It’s up to you. In any event, we’ll know at that point.

Are you ready?

What’s next? Select a Coaching Option Below:

A One-Hour Complementary Session—Free

One (1) one-hour session—$85

Four one-hour sessions—$300

Manifestation Course: seven (7) one-hour one-on-one sessions over seven weeks, focused on your specific desired life manifestation—$450

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