First and foremost, I am speaking to my audience, which consists of the awareness community.  I shun the term spiritual community as the word spiritual provides a natural label, a label that is not accurate when all my teachings are about love, simply put.  I have been parenting for almost 22 years now and I have been both the conscious parent and the unconscious parent.

In my time as a parent, I have realized that our learning never stops and that our ability to become more aware grows each and every day.  If you find yourself in a co-parenting situation or a relationship with an un-awakened parent, I have written this blog to assist you.  I have laid out some tips to keep your vibration high and keep you moving in the direction of love no matter what war you are facing.

You must go into a higher perspective as an intuitive being and know that your child chose both of you.  Yes, that’s right.  Your child, from a perfect divine life plan, choose both of you to learn from, to be limited by, to be triggered by and to be motivated by.  Your child, just like you, needed both sides of the contrast that both parents provide to awaken back to themselves.  They need whatever is given for their exact life path.

In order to remember that we are creative beings, we must first activate desire.  Desire is the first step of manifestation and without it the soul just runs idle.  So go into gratitude for the journey and remember that you are all co-creating this illusion

Your partner’s ego, whether it’s narcissism or victim energy, is just a reflection of the wounded child underneath.  From an unaware perspective, all negative behavior is a call for love.  Your partner, from their highest level of awareness, is asking for love even if that question comes in the from of a law suit.

So What Do You Do?

Find the wounded child in their negative behavior and love them.  Focus on what positive aspects the parent has, validate them, and then compassionately see, hear, nurture and love them.  Ignore the negative behavior and, from a quantum perspective, what you are not focused on will shrink and what you give your attention to will grow.

Whatever feeling that is triggered in you by the other parent is actually a simple reflection of the shadow within yourself.  It’s their projection and your reflection.  So do some trigger work to figure out what barrier you have buried in your subconscious that they are shining light on.

Learn to accept this wound mate as your spiritual teacher and get disciplined with yourself!  Be the example of what unconditional love looks like.  Remember, your parenting style in the first 7 years of your child’s life will teach your child what love looks like.  You need to walk your walk and talk your talk.

Learn self love and get selfish!  This sounds arrogant but you are the best parent in the world when you are working on you, your own joys and your own happiness.  Your child already knows how to do that and your focus on them making mistakes and messing up is a distraction from your own work.  You are here to be a reflection of love and self-love to and for your children.