3 Steps to Making the Unconscious Conscious

Making the unconscious conscious is an alchemy process in which you are bringing your own darkness into light.  It is not something you should enter into with judgment in your heart.  When judgment is present, you will begin to logic this process and move out of your heart and into your mind, which will […]

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Co-Parenting With an Un-Awakened Parent

First and foremost, I am speaking to my audience, which consists of the awareness community.  I shun the term spiritual community as the word spiritual provides a natural label, a label that is not accurate when all my teachings are about love, simply put.  I have been parenting for almost 22 years now and […]

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7 Realizations in My Becoming

1.  I am safe to express my sexuality as part of my authentic and transparent self.  My sexuality is an expression of both art, intimacy and power.  Intimacy=In to me I see

2.  I  am allowed to show my strength and intelligence around men.  My innate empathetic ability to read energy & people allows me […]

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The Road to Writing: A Follow Up Post to my Manifestation Series

Hello there!  It’s been a while.  Not quite a year ago I wrote a series of blog posts based on a Manifestation class I took at a local wellness center.  In that series, my title alluded to what I was manifesting…a career in writing.  However, I never actually wrote about my dream of writing […]

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11 Ways to Rid your Home of Negative Energetic Activity

People have asked me on numerous occasions to come to their house and clear their spaces…

The rules of the Universe state that like attracts like, so when a space is cleared, the energy that dwells there on a daily basis must rise above negativity to keep the space clean and clear. It is not […]

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Manifestation & the Road to Writing – Part 6

In my last post, I went over what we covered in Week 3 of my manifestation class…the mind, body, spirit connection.  This week’s post is the last installment on this amazing class.  If you’re at all interested in what I’ve been sharing here, I highly suggest taking this class.  It is a wonderful jumping off […]

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Manifestation & The Road to Writing – Part 5

In my last post I went over what we covered in Week 2 of my manifestation class in which we explored the laws of attraction and reflection.  This post I’m going to cover what I learned in Week 3 of the Manifestation class…

So this week’s class was all about the connection between our bodies and our […]

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Manifestation & The Road to Writing – Part 4

Hey there!  Remember me?  Sorry I’ve been gone for a while…I manifested some pretty amazing things in my life and had to step back to deal with all the changes going on in my world.  I didn’t mean to leave you hanging but, you know, life happened and it required some attention.  I promise […]

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The Shame Series – by Brian Pigg

I’m declaring ‘no’ to more shame.  Actually, I’ve been doing it for a little while now by posting and operating under my own name (  Seemed pretty bold when I did it and I had a lot of feelings of inadequacy.  Particularly since I was going outside of what anyone I know would call […]

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The Two Wolves

Continuing the discussion on good and bad, let’s look at the ancient parable of the two wolves.  It goes like this:  There are two wolves fighting inside your head.  One is dark and one is light.  The one that wins, is the one you feed.

You can call the wolves good and bad, but I […]

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