At Transcendence Wellness Center, our mission is to guide people to self-realization and integration, assisting in the transformation of human consciousness. We are dedicated to end suffering and empower individuals through holistic healing, meditation, epigenetics, intentional creation and sustainable living.

Find our team of healers, teachers and practitioners, who have come together through our common commitment to making this world a better place, here.


Meet the Owners…



Jessica Alstrom

Jessica Alstrom is a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, author, radio show host and recent recipient of the World Server Award issued by the International Soulful Awards Committee.  As co-owner of Transcendence Wellness Center and founder of Transcendence International Consciousness Academy (TICA), she is bridging spiritual development with science to create a complete self-realization platform for students all over the world.  Through the use of both her traditional education and her extra sensory skills, Jessica’s fundamental work is educating wellness through awareness.

With extensive knowledge in areas such as biochemistry, her expertise in quantum physics, early childhood development, energetic communications, physiology, epigenetics and the healing arts, she has built a platform to integrate her abilities into a modern day practice. As an extrasensory, Jessica is able to view the quantum field, individual timelines, thought forms, emotional blocks and belief systems.  This allows her to work as a medical intuitive, quantum healer, quantum hypnotherapist, remote viewer and an emotional translator.  All of which enable her to assist the world in its transformation via teaching the awakening and integration of the planet within her online international teaching platform, TICA.



Susie Dressel

Susie is co-ownder of Transcendence Wellness Center and is the creator of their second healing division centered exclusively around a wonderful new brain re-entrainment device called BrainTap.

Susie has over 15 years of experience working one-on-one and in managing & running a successful chiropractic and holistic business.  Susie loves working with people & helping to heal the Universe!  Her healing journey lead her to the BrainTap, which has helped her to quit smoking, heal her phobia around water and lose 25 pounds just by changing her mindset.

Susie embodies the true spirit of childlike joy and genuine love for all of humanity.  Her passion for wellness and helping people has led her on a lifelong journey through self-discovery and spiritual awareness.  Her divine purpose is assisting in the evolution and awakening of the planet.