unconscious-conscious-blog-imageMaking the unconscious conscious is an alchemy process in which you are bringing your own darkness into light.  It is not something you should enter into with judgment in your heart.  When judgment is present, you will begin to logic this process and move out of your heart and into your mind, which will impede the process and limit your ability to find the root of any issue you may be experiencing.


1.  Notice – Take 24 hours to notice your behavior.  Your subconscious communicates with you through your behavior.
  • Pay attention to what you say that you’re going to do versus what you actually do.
  • Notice how your behavior changes depending on the people you’re around.
  • Notice what you’re addicted to.  Do you attack, lie, medicate, numb, etc. in order to avoid pain?
2.  Automatic Writing – Ask very specific quantum questions that will help you notice when something triggers you to feel contracted/small/victimized/limited.  (Ex. spouse, body, job, family, etc.)  It’s important to write this portion down.  What we speak is 4D, what we think is 5D and what we write is 3D.  Because we’re trying to make the unconscious conscious (the unconscious is 3D), we must physically write down what we find.  Use music to help open up the door to your emotions and get to the root.  Ask yourself the following questions in non-judgment and write down what comes up.
  • When I am triggered, what does this trigger represent to me? (Ex. I don’t feel loved, I don’t feel worthy, I don’t feel appreciated, etc.)
  • What does it feel like to (fill in with your trigger)?  (Ex. not feel loved, not feel safe, not feel accepted, etc.)
3.  Kinesiology – Notice where you feel this trigger in your body.
  • Put one hand over your heart and one hand over the area that you feel the trigger in your body.
  • Tell yourself, “You’re not alone.  I am here with you.  I am no longer abandoning this part of myself.”
  • Breathe that awareness into your body.
These three items make up the first step of my Quantum Pattern Clearing process.  This is the most important step in the process and can help project you into healing.